Meet the Team

Blanche is a natural entrepreneur, focused on utilizing technology to solve real world problems. She is currently the Founder and CEO of TLM Corp., a company simplifying the interaction between vehicles and wheelchair pedestrians. Before TLM, she was a childcare provider for single mothers and their children lasting 20+ years. Prior to childcare, Blanche successfully co-ran an owner-operator trucking business.
Raised in Los Angeles, she attended California State University Bakersfield, and was accepted to the University of Southern California to pursue a BS from the Marshall School of Business. With an unwavering desire to help others and leave them in a better place, Blanche assures the progression of business development for our company. 



Her exemplary commitment, dedication, and attention to detail provides clients the best options and service, ensuring a successful process from beginning to end. Tiffani has a background in Biomedical Engineering and Medicine, with education from University of Southern California and Long Beach State University.
Our team relies on her contagious energy, trustworthiness, and unrelenting professionalism to produce a world-class experience all-around, round-the-clock for our customers. She is a firm believer in integrity, quality, respect, trust, agility, and delivering exceptional service for the betterment of the community. 
Languages: English, Spanish, Korean